Wenteltrap Exhibition at B53 Arnhem

9 t/m 23 februari

Wenteltrap Wentelteefjes & Mestlab @B53



9 t/m 23 februari 2019

Wenteltrap Exhibition at B53 Arnhem

A whole month full of art, performance, film, discussion, parties and more!

MESTLAB and Wentelteefjes are joining their effort to create an interdisciplinary cultural platform for young artists. Besides offering an exciting mix of artistic spectacle, we’d like to use this opportunity to investigate the local cultural climate, together with you!

We invite you to join in and watch, listen, talk, dance, drink and enjoy.

Exhibition open from 9th of February till 23th of February Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12:00 till 17:00.

With additional programming, from 20:00 till 24:00.

Special Events (20:00-24:00)

Saturday February 9th Opening artsy party, performances, bands, djs.

Friday February 15th Presentations / Discussion, Theme: the art climate in Arnhem, several guest speakers

Saturday February 16th Theatre Night Theatre – Reservoir Dogs

Friday February 22th Asian Movie Night, Asian-produced movie, secret title, Mystery Popcorn

Saturday February 23th Finissage artsy party, performances, bands, djs

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